Fetish and femdom

Lacquer, leather, latex or fur. High heels, high boots, nylons or bare feet. Everything is possible. Your ultimate fetish. Do you have a special preference? Let me know!

Experience your submission!

Let your mistress dominate you. Release the strings and let yourself be carried away in an exciting fantasy. Perform assignments under the watchful eye of the mistress and receive your reward (or punishment)!



Your fantasy here online
skype webcamsites

Multiple views with various webcams

This mistress does not have one webcam with which she dominates you, but three!

Three webcams that will get you completely on your knees. She shows you all corners of her dungeon from all sorts of positions. Then high again, then low again … you should never have seen the world like that!

Get completely crazy!

So close to her feet, low on the ground like an inferior creep. This is the only and right place for a submissive slave like you.

Adore her pumps, idolize her thighs and long for what you just don’t get to see. You can now admire her divine forms from the most impossible positions. You really won’t be saved!

Meet your mistress

Ask all your questions, tell all your bizarre fantasies or be seduced into complete surrender. Just looking into her eyes is enough to feel completely helpless. Do you still dare to cam?


I’m online almost every day of the week between 10 p.m. and 3 p.m.

If you want to be sure to get a online sesion, just make an appointment at skype.

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