Banner and link exchange

Are you crazy?

Do you like paying for something that you cannot measure or see? Rather not? Then read this text below.

What is a banner? A banner is an advertising image that leads visitors to your website. If you put each other’s banners and links on each other’s website, you advertise for each other without costing you money. It is a fun and inexpensive way to raise awareness and generate traffic (internet traffic).

Not paying for google and advertisements and still advertising

It is important that you have a website that you can adjust to your taste. This can be a free blog or a website with a domain name. It is useful if you already have some knowledge about HTML, but you don’t have to. If you just copy the pieces of text and place them in the right places, then you are already there. Creating a simple link is quick. If you want a banner, you will have to do some more work.

Create banner

With paint or another editing program, you create an attractive image. On the internet you can find online programs that make gifs of your images. For example, you can create moving banners on And Free Online Image Editor is great for glitter images. You can add extra text on both sites!

Common formats for banners are the full banner (468 × 60 pixels), rectangle (300 × 250 pixels), leaderboard (728 × 90 pixels) and skyscraper (120 × 600 pixels).

Once a banner has been created, you can start the exchange. Your link partner uses your banner to put your link on her or his website. In exchange, you put his or her banner on your website or blog. Don’t forget to link the image with the relevant website as above.

Of course you can also trade without a banner. Then you only exchange the link of your website or blog.

A link without an image looks like this:

Have fun!

Your website, your photos, your texts. Does this also seem like a good idea to you? Make some cool banners for your own website and then we can trade!

Are you not sure how to get started or are you unable to figure it out? I respond quickly via twitter or mail: mistressonline @ You can find the HTML code of my banner here.

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